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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Makhan Te Maliayaan @ Punjab Grill Tappa

Our hearts beat for North Indian flavours. No matter how rich the dishes are; the satisfaction that we get by treating ourselves to a wholesome heavy meal is just beyond words. We love eating to the point where we cannot eat even one grain of rice anymore. A very celebrated establishment that comes to our mind when we think of a delightful North Indian fare is Punjab Grill. They have never failed to please our taste buds and make us rub our bellies after a hearty meal. Their newest gift to the food scene is Punjab Grill Tappa. 

Putting our Indian cuisine on a bounce, they have levelled up their game by adding a perky appeal to their restaurant. Regal interiors with a stroke of quirk mirror to the concept of the menu, Lets now start with the salads, a Watermelon Slider, Crisp Palak and Local Sprouts; it was offbeat and refreshing. They have the section named as Rock n Dhol Chaalats. There is also a Shrimp Chaat which I really wanted to try but was aiming on saving my appetite.

The most underrated part of the meal is the starters; for me these make or break the meal, they like set the mood for the main course and at Tappa the appetizers were the perfect warm up for the main course. Ordering chicken tikka and dahi ke kebab goes without saying, so we had their Trio of Chicken Tikka, they were so generous with the size of the chicken pieces and every mouthful was heavenly. Dahi ke Kebab were molten goodness and what stood out was Tandoori Norwegian Salmon which was excellently done.
Now for the mains; we ordered Dal Punjab Grill which was really good, a Guchchi Methi Malai Matar and oh my god the gravy was so rich and flavourful. The dish whose one spoonful made our eyes shut with pleasure was the Tandoori Lamb Shanks with Beli Ram Jus; with only the jus of the beli ram gravy and nicely done big shanks, it was lethal. Also they have a Haleem Khao Suey which they serve with accompaniments like fried onions, lemon wedges, stuffed dough balls and more. One dish that actually took our breath away was the Chicken Biryani. Just mix the lamb shanks in this biryani and its meal fit for the king.

Continuing the bliss we ordered Jalebi Churros with Rabri for dessert and this is a must try. I mean how creative one could be, salute to the chef for creating this masterpiece. Also the Tappa Mess which was a muddle of rabri falooda, fruits and more was something that you will enjoy most when shared.

It is just a happy diner’s place where everything is adding to the experience of dining. From the interiors to the menu to the table layout, simply everything will add to your experience. The staff is bang on with the service and they make sure that you have the time of your life. 

So head to Punjab Grill Tappa and apne taste buds nu tappan do!(Let your tastebuds dance !)

FAB CAFE - Experience the Fab Life

There is always a brand which makes us feel intrigued whenever we cross one of their stores. If you shop there it feels like you have earned it and when such is an Indian brand it becomes a matter of more pride. Fabindia, as its tagline suggests celebrates India and true spirit of the craft. Made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes, each product embeds uniqueness and maintains the highest standards of quality.

To make you experience, the regal life Fabindia has come up with a concept which will pamper you and make you feel extremely privileged it’s the Fabindia Experience Center in Vasant Kunj. This place has five levels to it which are- an Organic India Wellness Center, the Fab Café, an Alteration Center and a zone designed especially for kids so that you can treat yourself to a relaxed shopping spree. The store also has for you the most intricate produce of clothing for men, women, and children, jewellery and accessories, and a delightful range of personal care products.

The twist in the tale is their 44 seater Fab Café. A light and soothing ambience which is designed to perfectly compliment the food served. They have curated a menu which has some off beat dishes and mind it everything on the menu is extremely high on the health quotient. 

The menu depicts such an interesting character, as you read it you will feel spoilt for choice. They have also incorporated dishes that are low on carbs, are a vegan’s dream and moreover some are gluten free too. From Spicy Dal Sprout Filled Golgappas to Quinoa Stuffed Paranthas; they have kept the basic concept of these dishes the same but have added an extremely healthy spin to it. 

You might feel apprehensive about ordering some of the dishes because it might sound impossible but trust us each dish will make you think that how did they came up with it. Especially their juices; each glass will leave you feeling cleansed. If you don’t believe let us tell you some options that they have for you- Spinach Apple Turmeric & Carrot, Beet Apple Cucumber Ginger, Coconut Water Orange Aloe Vera Pinapple and Chia Seed; I mean as you read through it I know you are thinking what these might taste like. Well, just head to Fab Café. From mutton to saag to desserts, you can binge on all these and you will not feel guilty at all.

Fab Café is a step by Fabindia to take forward their legacy. The brands lives up to its position in the market and never fails to impress no matter what venture they introduce. Visit Fab Café for a truly enriching meal. It is food for the soul and a treat for the sense.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

All Things Glory @ The Grub Fest

The most talked about food festival that has now become the personality of Delhi is our beloved Grub Fest. Every year it is organized with the utmost of passion and planning. Delhiites now feel pride in being the home of such an esteemed food festival. We all look forward to it and once the dates are revealed, it becomes the talk of the town. This year Grub Fest graced us with its presence at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. A three daylong celebration of food, drinks and more; it just made our weekend.

The pouring partner which added to the value of the fest this year was Witlinger. They complimented and levelled up the experience by offering their premium craft beer. As you drove close to Gate 14 of the stadium, you could witness enthusiastic foodies lining up. We entered the gates and I was already tripping over and losing control; when there is so much to eat everyone is bound to jump with happiness. We started with visiting Grubtotters, a food truck owned by Isha, Bharat & Akhbar. We ordered their lamb sliders and ricotta chicken sliders. These were paired with a signature dipping sauce and crisp fries. To explain it in brief it was the best start. They still don’t have a fixed spot in Delhi but you can find them at the food festivals.

Next we made way to Bunta Bar; the most vibrant stall at the grub, there was a bhel cart and colourful flags all around. We drank some beer and tasted their signature pauas (quarts) One was blackberry and other was mango- I liked the blackberry one. It was strong yet refreshing. All of this was in perfect sync with the bands playing the best of rhythms. Our next stop was Sumo Sushi, there was such a crowd outside this stall but it was worth the wait. We tried the Spicy Salmon Sushi and Shanghai Butter Chicken Dimsums. One of my friends was tasting sushi for the first time and he instantly fell in love with it. You know we always say that when someone tastes a dish for the first time it has to be the best one else on never develops taste for it. Well for all those planning to develop a palate for sushi, Sumo Sushi is the place for you. Now, to treat ourselves to some desi flavours we moved to Indian Saffron Co. – a celebration of Indian and Mughlai cuisine, it was the place to score some heavenly kebabs. We tried the Dahi Ke Kebab and Seekh Kebab, both were rich in taste and provided us culinary satisfaction. 

To end it on a sweet note we went for some Waffles and Crepes at Wafflesome. Smothered in Nutella it was like a dream on a plate. Trust me 3 days are so not enough if you have to try almost everything at The Grub. 

As the day came to an end, the stadium was glistening in colourful lights and with crowds pouring in it actually felt like a festival. My love for The Grub Fest keeps growing with each visit and I know I speak for all of Delhi when I say that we cannot wait for their next announcement. It makes us proud to see that how the food scene is developing in the city and the amount of success that these festivals experience shows how much Dilliwalas love their grub. 

Coverage by : Ritika Dhawan for Foodmaniacs
Compiled by : Vickrham (vicky)
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Eros Hotel, New Delhi has come up with an innovative concept of incorporating Yin-Yang theory in their brand new food festival running at their ever so popular oriental cuisine restaurant, Empress of China. 

The Oriental concept of Yin & Yang is a philosophical, spiritual approach to gaining health through food.  The essence of Yin & Yang is somewhat esoteric and difficult to describe in mainstream terms. It can most easily be thought of as opposing yet complementary forces that blend and unite in order to create balance. Life is not static, everything is constantly moving, changing, and shifting, just as the acid and alkaline ratio shifts in our bodies. Yin & Yang are the opposing yet complementary energy forces that determine the natural order of the universe. These forces are reflected in our cells, the human body, and the whole universe. Day follows night, spring and summer follow winter, and joy follows sorrow. 

Exec.Chef Nikhil Rastogi

Exec. Chef Nikhil Rastogi explained how the cooking methods differ in both cases - Yin denotes boiling, poaching, braising and steaming; while Yang exists in deep-frying, roasting, grilling and stir-frying. This is quite challenging but very well simplified by the Chef and his team who have brilliantly curated the Yin Yang menu, categorized onto two sections (Pantry’s) – Vegetarian (White) and Non Vegetarian (Black)

Asparagus, corn and mushroom salad, a yin preparation was very refreshing especially the asparagus. I really liked it. Crispy noodle salad, a combination of yin and yang because of spicy tamarind dressing was amazing. Lohan Dimsum and Chicken Dimsums were another beautiful Yin and Yang creations respectively and I thoroughly enjoyed both.

Sichuan Chicken where in diced chicken was prepared with Sichuan peppers and chilies was one of the best dishes of the evening. While ordering I felt that Sichuan chicken would be a normal and usual one, but this one tasted very different and authentic and I must compliment chef for this lovely dish. Chicken Pot Sticker served as the main course was one of the highlight dishes again, minced chicken with pan fried noodles, mild sauces was a perfect yang dish and is highly recommended. The dessert that represented Yin and Yang in an artistic form was a combination of white and dark chocolate mousse infused with jasmine. A little gelatinous but the looks and even the taste was superb.

When we look at the Yin Yang symbol we can see that even within the yin there is still a spark of yang and within the yang there is still a hint of yin. According to this philosophy everything has both yin and yang aspects and any specific object can have more Yin or more Yang.
Kudos to the whole F&B team for putting up such a great show with this concept and looking forward to more in the coming future.

Overall had a great experience at this Yin and Yang festival at Eros.

Chef and Us ( Amogh Tiwari, Aditi Malhotra and Moi)

What: Yin and Yang - Holistic balance of food and body
When: 15th March-23rd March 2017
Where: Empress of China, Eros Hotel, Nehru place, New Delhi Time: Lunch and Dinner
Cost: Rs. 1500 ++ (unlimited servings from the Yin and Yang counter)

Empress of China - Eros Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato