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Sunday, 31 January 2016


Bharat Parva Celebrates the Wonder that is India: Jharkhand Tourism showcases unique culture of Jharkhand at Red Fort 

Jharkhandi Thali, Dhooska-Mutton, Chaou dance, works of tribal artisans among attractions

From the rustic delicacies of Jharkhand to the enamoring Chou dance form and primitive arts and handicrafts kept alive by tribal artisans – Jharkhand Tourism has  showcased the beautiful and intriguing attractions of the state at the Bharat Parva 2016,at the majestic Red Fort

The Tourism, Art & Culture, Sports and Youth affairs department of Government Jharkhand has set forth an attractive agenda for the state pavilion where the state’s popular food items, its ethnic dance forms, and indigenous arts and crafts are being showcased widely from 26th-29th January. 

According to Ms Suchitra Sinha, Director of Jharkhand Tourism, the department is focusing strongly on promoting tourism to the state which has several tourist attractions, scenic waterfalls, beautiful forests and a rich history. According to Ms Sinha, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das is taking taken personal interest in activities to promote tourism in the state.

Among the irresistible attractions at the state pavilion there were mouth-watering delicacies of Dhooska meat, Mutton-Jhor, Murgi Jhor, Rehu Jhor for non-vegetarian foodies to vegetarian delights like Peetha, Usna Chawal, Kurthi Dal, Chilka, Kachari, Footkal Saag, Kacchu Masala, Maduwa Roti as well as Dhooska- Barra.

The participants included dancers who were promoting the indigenous dance form Chou and artisans who have preserved the age-old traditional arts and craft forms of tribal areas.

Everyone’s invited: Awwa Hamar Gaam.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gadre Marine : World's 3rd Largest Surimi** manufacturer

What is Surimi? Surimi (a  Japanese  word ) is an edible paste made from processed fish or other meat. It is used to imitate the texture/color of the meat of lobster, crab etc. The production process includes - Descaling of Fish wherein the fish meat, skin, bones and scales are separated.

Raw Material Manual 

The Company is producing and exporting Surimi from Three Different factories from Ratnagiri - Maharashtra, Chorwad- Gujarat, Brahmwar – Karnataka The Fish catch from Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra are processed in Ratnagiri Maharashtra factory. The Fish catch from Kerala, Karnataka in Brahmwar – Karnataka factory. The Fish catch from Veraval, Porbandar in Chorwad- Gujarat factory.In order to produce safe and wholesome product the fish is handled in the hygienic ways and atmosphere. The fish is stored in clean plastic tubs with sufficient quantity of flake ice. The raw material is always maintained in proper temperature range throughout the processing period. 

Surimi (Fish Paste) Process

Surimi  (is  a  Japanese  word ) means  fish  paste .  The production process includes - Descaling of Fish wherein the fish meat, skin, bones and scales are separated.  Then fish meat is washed thoroughly   and   the water content   is removed in decanter process. The processed Fish Meat (Surimi) is then packed  in  10kg  block  in  polythelene  bags  and  then  kept  in  Galvanized  trays.   These  trays  then  put  in  plate  freezer   for  freezing  the  product  under  -40 degree  centigrade.  After  completion  of  freezing  process  the  product  is  removed  from  the  trays  and  packed  in  master  carton  containing  2  blocks  of  10kg  i.e. 20 kg  per  carton. Then  it  is  kept  in  cold  storage   under -18  degree  centigrade  and  then  exported  as  per orders.

Surimi Value Added Products 

Surimi  (fish  paste)  is  main  raw  material  to  produce  Value Added Products.  In  Surimi  the  other  products  like  wheat  starch,  flavours  of  shrimps (prawns), lobsters,  crabs,  vegetable  oil,  food  grade  colour  etc.  are added.  After  completion  of  proper  mixing  process  the  product  is  passed  through  pasteurizing   process  then  it  is   vacuum   packed   and  passed  through  chilling  process  and  then  sent  to  Spiral  freezer  for  freezing  the  same  under  -35 degree  centigrade.   After  completion  of  freezing  process  the  product  is  removed  from  the  conveyor  of  Spiral  freezer  and  packed  in  master  carton  as   per orders.  Then  it  is  kept  in  cold  storage   under -18   degree  centigrade  and  then  exported  as  per  orders.  Some  items  of  the  product  are  available  for  ready  to  eat  and  others  breaded  items  are  known  as  fried  items.


Gadre Marine has roped in Vikas Khanna-an award winning Indian chef as their brand ambassador. With this association the brand aims to change the perception about frozen seafood in India and create more awareness about its specialities. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative. 

Founded in 1978 by Mr. Deepak Gadre, Gadre Marine Export was originally a processing and packaging unit of frozen marine products such as shrimps, squids, cuttlefish and other fin-fish. In 1994 however an unprecedented and bold step was taken, India's first and only Surimi manufacturing plant was set up in Ratnagiri. Gadre Marine since then became the third largest Surimi** manufacturer in the world.

In 2004 the company under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mr Arjun Gadre set up a Surimi** value added products plant with a wide product line encompassing surimi value added products, marinated ready to cook fish and cut n cleaned raw fish. Gadre challenges the very roots of Indian culture where fish is always served fresh; their authentic frozen seafood touches the very essence of modern Indians looking for a simpler, healthier and tastier alternative.


Some of the products retailed and produced by the brand are:

Masala Prawns- Authentic Konkani Masala combines with our Prawns to create an exceptional flavour. The Freshness crunchiness and the blend of flavourful spices are set to make the eating experience of your customers truly scrumptious.

Masala Mackerel - We have delicately flavoured our fish with authentic Konkani masala’s to bring out its richness in every bite, while simultaneously maintaining the nutrition value. This preparation will truly tantalize your palate.

Lobster Bytes - Pamper palates with the memorable taste of these Lobster Bites.  They are prepared with authentic lobster flavor and coated with bread crumbs to create a mouth-watering  experience in every bite!

Amritsari crab claw - Blend of Amritsari Masala  with our  Crab Claw ingredients to create the most exclusive taste; one which is crispy , fresh and spicy. This appetizer is conveniently cooked, is low on cholesterol & high on satisfaction. 

Gadre Marine Pvt Ltd already exports Surimi and other Fish products in large quantities to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Australia. The company presently running 3 plants one in Ratnagiri, another in Chorwad Gujarat and Brahmwar- Karnataka. After successfully exporting abroad, Gadre has now decided to focus on the Indian Market despite the challenges it faces.

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The chai bug has been catching on crazily, and I have had the pleasure of visiting many new establishments.  

Mister Chai, the new tea lounge at Shangri-La Eros just blew me away!

The interiors take your breath away. And that’s half the battle won as far as I am concerned. It puts you in a happy place instantly.

So I sat myself down in a comfy lounge chair at a well-appointed table, right beside the lovely tea wall. I have a picture below; it was so eye-catching. I had made up my mind to have some soothing jasmine tea or something –with teacakes for accompaniment. But what greeted me in the menu was an onslaught to the senses, a jolt to my chai sensibilities, which completely shook me out of my blasé expectations. Corn Bhel, Butter Chicken Samosa, Lamb Vada Pav! What was happening here? There was no way I wasn’t going to sample all of this, so out the window went all plans for dainty teacakes and we planned to just go all out with the quintessential chai experience the Indian way with surprising twists to every dish.

Needless to say, all of the above were ordered along with some really interesting tava style sandwiches. And yes, the chai – masala chai. So the chai arrives in an interesting wooden cabinet, in a copper teakettle. The cups are actually the cutting chai style glasses, only in a much prettier ceramic blue, served up in the classic sectioned tray like chaiwalah’s have. This was accompanied by rusk and farsaan in copper tiffin boxes! Full points for presentation already. I was floored. There was none of the usual dull teapot in the picture! The service staff is well trained to present things in the most exquisite manner onto the table.

The food was another story. The bhel arrived in a tiny copper balti, the various kinds of vada pavs came with a shot of chutney pierced right through them and the sandwiches cut square so like on the street vendors. It was an entirely unexpected and very pleasant presentation. The taste was matchless. Every thing had a distinct, refined flavor. Every mouthful was bliss. What an amazing combination of very essentially Indian flavors, a juxtaposition of chai stall snacks with more global palette pleasers, combining of favorites such as samosa with butter chicken. This had turned out to be one of my best jaunts ever. I must admit, Corporate Chef Neeraj Tyagi with his team has done wonders with the menu. Full marks to him already. I met him for a small talk, but he had so much to tell and portray out of passion and love for his work that I was almost floored.

We did round up the experience with a selection of the most sinful chocolates, macarons and cakes on offer at their exquisite bakery, and yes the jasmine tea did make an experience because we just needed to calm down after an explosion of such beautiful and varied flavors.

So I am never going to say no to tea – as long as it’s Mister Chai I am headed to!

Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, 19, 
Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Mister Chai - Shangri-La's - Eros Hotel, New Delhi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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Monday, 25 January 2016



8 Cities, 8 Chefs, 8 Cuisines – All under one roof 

Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon, presented the ‘Indian Culinary Week’ bringing flavours from across the country to celebrate the spirit of Secular India, One India this month. The festival brought together 8 Chefs from across India each representing a specialty cuisine and a Marriott hotel situated across the country from 20th to 26th January 2016. To celebrate individuality, unity and the spirit of culinary excellence, the chefs showcased an elaborate range of dishes from across cultures and cuisines. 

The festival  served popular and rustic cuisines ranging from Konkani, Garwali, Andhra, Rajasthani, Tamil, Kerala, Bengali and Punjabi Cuisine. The Culinary stage saw the presence of Chef Thirumal from Bengaluru Marriott Whitefield, Chef Deepak Rana from JW Marriott Mussorie, Chef Ranjit from Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Chef Uday Karmalkar from Courtyard By Marriott Mumbai, Chef Amrutha Valli from Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre, Chef Mithun Mohanan from Courtyard By Marriott Kochi, Chef Chiranjeet Mandal from Courtyard by Marriott Raipur and Chef Amarjeet Singh from Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon presenting the best of their local cuisines. For 7 days starting from 20th January, 2016 these Master Chefs put their favourite dishes on a platter to pamper your taste buds. The fest concluded on 26th January, 2016 with a special Republic day brunch that celebrates India’s strength of Unity and Diversity.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Kanika Hasrat, General Manger, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon said, “As we plan various promotions throughout the year, it is our constant endeavor to cater to different needs of our patrons. This Republic Day, we wanted to celebrate India and bring flavours from across the nation together .We are delighted to host 8 Master Chefs at Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon for a week . While each Chef has their expertise, it would be amazing to watch all these Chefs come together for the cook-off.” The specially crafted menu had an extensive variety of delectable dishes from different regions.

Other Details:

Location: MoMo Café, Courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon