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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

THE ARTFUL BAKER - Launched at Khan Market


Something, was going on since last many months in the Delhi’s food arena, but what was it, why such fuss???

Well, Chef Sahil Mehta -Country’s first certified bakery, pastry and chocolate expert from Lenotre in France – considered being the Mecca of bakery schools. He was earlier associated with brands such as L’Opera, Choco Diva and Renaissance and finalised the menu for “The Artful Baker” after filtering the market through a shortly run pop-up bakery in Select CityWalk, Saket in July - August, 2015. He was the most excited and nervous at the same time, all this time. I have seen him working day and night on this project with undue passion for his product. I fell in love with him as well as his culinary skills when I had the first bite of his Lemon Tart and yest the Sour Dough Bread Sandwich and also the Paris Brest (hcoux pastry filled with hazelnut cream). This guy is a master of all traits...... !!!

He was always talking to people who tried his creations at the pop-up, just asking for genuine feedback all the time. This shows how seriously he is in love with his product and wants it to be the best always. And now, his dream is coming true with the opening of the 1st store.

Lite Bite Foods, one of the fastest growing F&B retail company in the country has launched The Artful Baker, a Patisserie and Boulangarie in New Delhi’s posh Khan Market. The Artful Baker is the perfect destination to find delicious cakes, croissants, breads and many other sweet and savory items around. 

With bakery at its core, The Artful Baker offers the best of artisanal breads and patisserie, combining authentic techniques with quality ingredients. One can select from a delicious range of savory and sumptuous desserts along with refreshing beverages.

The French style boulangerie has been set in chic and simple yet elegant interiors. The Artful Baker welcomes everyone who enjoys good food and good life. The products on offer are not the mere run of the mill stuff, but a very classy and unique range. You can buy Sour Dough bread as well as its crafted sandwiches, Tarts and Cheesecakes (super classy stuff), Choux Pastry creations and the most sought after, Monte Cristo. Every product is totally different and sinfully tasty.

 Amit Burman, Chairman Lite Bite Foods said, “We see a huge potential for a hi-end bakery brand to grow and evolve to cater to different requirements of the people. With the launch of The Artful Baker, we are very happy to bring the best in class delicacies for the discerning food lovers of the city. This is just the start of The Artful Baker brand and we look forward to opening it at more locations soon”.

Coverage by : Vickrham (vicky)
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The Artful Baker Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
The European style boulangerie has been set in chic and simple yet elegant interiors. The Artful Baker welcomes everyone who enjoys good food and good life. - See more at:
The European style boulangerie has been set in chic and simple yet elegant interiors. The Artful Baker welcomes everyone who enjoys good food and good life. - See more at:

Monday, 28 September 2015

SAM PAN - True Flavors of Asia

The word Sampan comes from the original Cantonese term used for the boats which literally means three planks. It popularly refers to a flat bottomed eloquent wooden boat gliding down the tranquil water ways, laden with the significant things of life. A sight which is very commonly visible in Asian lands, these boats appear to be sacred against the mesmerizing back drop of nature and the rhythmic sound of chopping of yuloh….the oars. More than a lifeline to the hard working natives of these lands, the boats are a symbol of simplicity.

 Inspired by these sampans, our celebrated Pan Asian restaurant SAMPAN, located atop the magnificent façade at The Suryaa New Delhi, is a confluence of simplicity, traditions, exotic flavors of food and aesthetics of land. The impressive interior of the restaurant made us spellbound. The rich wooden texture on the walls and ceilings are highlighted by Oriental style custom crafted artifacts. Chinese letters are cleverly used as motifs at the open kitchen and the entrance door. The dim yet clever lighting adds an ethereal charm to the entire space. 3 different seating arenas, the formal table set up, the luxurious lounge seating with couches and sofas and a discrete private dining area would again amaze you with their contemporary elegance.

Keeping the same virtues of Pan Asian cuisine SAMPAN under the able hands of Executive Chef Sanjay Thomas and Chef Tenzin have brought a culinary delight to the food scene in Delhi. The new menu boasts of subtle Cantonese, hot and bold Sichuan, traditional Mandarin to new style cuisines of Shanghai and Beijing. The menu also focuses on the South-East Asian cuisines like Thai, Myanmari, Vietnamese, Malaysian and and even some dishes from SInagapore. They have a wide range of items from the Japanese cuisine too. The Sushi’s of different types and the grills.

Chef Tenzin Nyandak, a Tibetan national, after completing his Culinary Diploma from SOSVTC Dehradun, joined The Metropolitan Hotel Nikko and worked in their famed Japanese Restaurant Sakura, under the tutelage of Chef Nakamura San.

In his thirteen plus years of experience, he has worked with The Leela Hotels, Radisson Hotels and Resorts, Taj Hotels and resorts, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, before joining The Suryaa New Delhi.
According Chef Tenzin  "An emphasis on preserving the natural flavor of the food is the hallmark of Cantonese cuisine " . A Cantonese chef would consider it a culinary sin of the highest order to produce a dish that was overcooked or too heavily seasoned ... Same was virtually evident when he presented the Baby Bokchoi and water Chestnut dumpling ...  Freshness of Chestnut  was there in every bite.  He also presented Ladakhi Momo's which is similar to Cantonese cuisine. Dumplings were made of wheat Flour rather than refined ... Flavors of shallots coriander and ginger were quite sensitive on pallate and lamb meat was little grainy than minced one ... gave freshness to dish. 
Highlight of the SAMPAN is chilli mountain chicken. This is Chef’s specialty .The Lovely flavors of Asian sauces with crunchiness of sesame and tingling of chili. Absolutely awesome. 

The all new SAMPAN promises to be an epicurean’s delight. Showcasing a perfect blend of traditional and authentic flavours amid a contemporary setting where all the diverse Pan-Asian cuisines unite rather than divide. For being spoilt for choice and to get mesmerized in the most authentic Pan Asian flavors, you need to visit SAMPAN at the earliest.

  SAMPAN , The SURYAA , NFC , New Delhi - 110025

Coverage By : Vickrham (vicky) & Ambika Sukumar
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Sampan - The Suryaa New Delhi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, 22 September 2015



Awadhi Cuisine (Lucknowi)

The Awadh region has been greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques, and the cuisine of Lucknow bears similarities to those of Central Asia, Kashmir, Punjab and Hyderabad. The city is also known for its Nawabi cuisine.

The bawarchis (chefs) and rakabdars (gourmet cooks) of Awadh invented the dum style of cooking or the art of cooking over a slow fire, which has become synonymous with Lucknow today.  Their spreads consisted of elaborate dishes such as kebabs, kormas, biryanis, kaliyas, nahari-kulchas, zarda, sheermal, roomali rotis, and warqi parathas. The richness of Awadh cuisine lies not only in the variety of cuisine but also in the ingredients used like mutton, paneer, and rich spices, which include cardamom and saffron.

Kebabs are the integral part of Awadhi cuisine.  Lucknow is proud of its Kebabs. There are several varieties of popular kebabs in Awadhi cuisine viz. Kakori Kebabs, Galawat ke Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kebabs, Ghutwa Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs are among the known varieties
Vegetarian kebabs include Dalcha Kebab, Kathal ke Kebab, Arbi ke Kebab, Rajma Galoti Kebab (kidney bean kebab cooked with aromatic herbs), Zamikand ke Kebab (Lucknowi yam kebabs), etc.

ITC Hotels ( Welcomhotel Dwarka)

Welcomhotel Dwarka, is an inclusive blend of contemporary design and International services standards, offering a unique experience to the customer. The hotel is a perfect expression of the locale and evokes both the warmth and the cosmopolitan panorama of the Capital City. The all day dining restaurant Pavillion 75, located adjacent to the lobby offers a wide range from Indian to International fare in a spacious and uber ambiance. ITC hotels have always been far ahead in innovating and producing something new for their customers in the F & B arena. To showcase something unique, Chef Akshay Malhotra with his team especially with his Lucknowi Chef Nafees has come up with a brand new idea. 

Lucknow has always been famous for its rich and diverse culture and cuisine. But we always think of non veg food, when we speak about Lucknow. Galawtis, kakoris, kormas and Tunde kebabs come to our mind, at the first instance. To change the perception and bring in something new, Chef has introduced the Shakahari Gharanas (vegetarian cuisine) of Lucknow. 
We were lucky enough to be a part of this rich heritage, last Sunday at their Brunch. OMG, what a lovely spread of dishes. Ranging from Ameena Bagh Ki Aloo Tikkia served with Chuara Chutney, Dali Ganj ke Zimikand Kebab, Fateh Ganj ki Lagan Ki Galawti, Emam Bara ki aloo chaat, Lal Bagh ki makhan Torai , Moti Nagar ke Bharwan Karele , Kidwai Nagar ki Soya Champ, Teli Bagh ke Taftaan, Bans Mandi ke Kamal Kakdi ka Salan, Chok ka Ulawe ke paranthe aut tawa sabzi,  Kesar Bagh ka Kushbu Zarda ,  Rakab Ganj ki Urad Dal Phulka.

The kebabs were really mouthwatering and melt in the mouth with lovely flavors and scent of aromatics. I loved the urad dal and the taftan (fermented dough flat bread). The Aaloo ki tikki was crispy and the chutneys were tangy. And yes how can we forget the inevitably delicious Biryani (vegetarian) which was really well made. The Ulawe keparnthe with the most delicious tawa subzi like Okra, Arbi, karela (stuffed) were fabulous

The Lucknowi fare is part of the regular brunch on offer. Wide range of dishes, Indian, continental, Italian etc. and now Lucknowi too. We are being spoit for choice. The variety of desserts on display is humongous, ranging from malpuas, gulab jamuns, and Bengali sweets to mousses, cakes and other sinful delights. Not to forget the hot and fresh Jalebis straight from the kadai on to our plates.

I am a hardcore non vegetarian, yet I liked this concept and would love to have more of such initiatives happening soon.  We expect a lot from ITC hotels as they have always been working on promoting Indian food and its ingredients.

Sunday Brunch with Lucknowi Fare – Rs.1395 /- ++  w/o Alcohol
                                               with Alcohol – 1595 /- ++

WelcomHotel Dwarka, New Delhi
Plot No.3, Sector-10, District Center, Dwarka, 
New Delhi - 110075.

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