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Tuesday, 30 June 2015



50th Outlet launched in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
Plans to expand in Tier 2 cities such as Mangalore, Agra and Patna 

New Delhi, June 30, 2015:  Barbeque Nation, India’s leading barbeque restaurant chain, has reached a milestone of 50 outlets across India today. The launch of its new outlet in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh, enabled Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd, to reach the half century milestone. 

The chain plans to touch the magic number of 100 restaurants across 30-35 cities in the next two to three years.  After a successful run in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Barbeque Nation is now going to focus on tier 2 cities such as Mangalore, Agra, and Patna as this market is rapidly evolving and has huge potential.

The brand’s journey started with the opening of an outlet in Mumbai, in 2006. With the launch of its second outlet in Bangalore in 2008, the chain spread to southern India. Subsequently, the brand ventured into the north, with a launch in Delhi NCR. The chain has pan-India presence and operates in 20 cities across 14 states, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur, Panaji, Coimbatore and Mysore among others.   

Barbeque Nation is a pioneer in India to promote ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill. The restaurant offers a pre-fixed eat-all-you-want buffet with a fixed price. In nine years, the restaurant has grown into one of the largest casual dining brands in the country.

Barbeque Nation’s eat all you can buffet is drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental, Asian and the Indian subcontinent, and offers delicacies for vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers, alike.The decor of Barbeque Nation is rustic and casual with wood and open-brick wall surfaces. 

Mr. Uday Menon, Chief Business Officer, Barbeque Nation said, “It is a proud moment for any brand when its business model gets a thumping vote of confidence from customers. Brand Barbeque Nation would not have expanded without the support of and positive response from consumers. We believe that the concept of live on the table grill, pricing, and experience that we provide at our outlets is the key that entices the customer to keep visiting Barbeque Nation over and over again. The opening of our 50th store is a validation of our concept and the business principles, by the Indian people.” 

About Barbeque Nation:
Barbeque Nation is one of the most successful casual dining restaurant chains in India. It is a pioneer to promote ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) cuisine with a concept of live on-the-table grill in India. With 50 outlets across the nation, it offers a blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian cuisines in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices.

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Coverage By : TWCI - The Writers Collective of India

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Pizza Hut and Kissan - Ultimate Twist Pizza


Introduced primarily for British settlers in India, Kissan has been present in India since 1935. The UB group, under the Late Vittal Malya then, acquired Kissan from Mitchell bros in the year 1950. However, in 1993, Hindustan Unilever Limited took it over from the UB group. Since its launch, innovation has been the main approach. The brand introduced new formats of food, such as canned fruits and vegetables, baked beans, and the like. Over time, Kissan evolved to become the first ever fruit and vegetable brand in the country. From there onwards, the journey has been focussing primarily on real ingredients, fresh vegetables and fruits. Till date, this is the backbone supporting the brand. Trust, natural goodness, health, versatile and sweet taste were the core of all communications. The brand has always been associated with the colour red. As of today, Kissan, is more than a bottle of jam, ketchup and squash. It’s equivalent to kids loving what they eat and growing up happily. Brimming of natural goodness, Kissan keeps mothers and kids happy and smiling. The reassurance to mothers is that with their kids eating Kissan’s products, they will not have to worry about their kid’s growth. Apart from that, Kissan has always supported and continues to lend its support to mothers in making healthy, wholesome and delicious food items for kids. This takes us back to the roots of Kissan that are strongly built on the fact that growing up is an eventful and adventurous journey.

Kissan, one of India’s leading ketchup brands, has joined hands with the nation’s top casual dining destination, Pizza Hut to introduce a new spicy addition to their menu! Bringing to its customers an extraordinary Pizza experience, Pizza Hut now offers ‘The Ultimate Big Pizza, spiced by Kissan Twist’.

Team -Pizza Hut and Kissan India
With the launch of this platform, Kissan has continued to pioneer its thought leadership (demonstrated by campaigns like Kissanpur) by conceptualizing an innovative association with Pizza Hut which is India’s largest affordable casual dining restaurant and is renowned for its commitment to continuously innovate and provide its customers with great value. Its trademark dining experience has been recognized by Brand Equity to make it the ‘Most Trusted Food Service Brand’ for 10 years in a row.
Pizza Hut which is India’s largest affordable casual dining restaurant and is renowned for its commitment to continuously innovate and provide its customers with great value. Its trademark dining experience has been recognized by Brand Equity to make it the ‘Most Trusted Food Service Brand’ for 10 years in a row. It offers a wide range of Pizzas, Appetizers, beverages & desserts at affordable prices across its dine-in restaurants and home delivery service.

Blind Tasting Contest with Chef Arjyo Banerjee
Chef Arjyo Banerjee with Ambika Sukumar (Member TWCI)

We , TWCI - The Writers Collective of India were invited for this launch at their flagship store at CP, New Delhi , this month. Whole marketing team of Kissan including Sairam Krishnamurthy (Head, Brand Development, Kissan India) as well as Pizza Hut including Chef Arjyo Banerjee (Head Chef, Pizza Hut India) were present for this event.  We had loads of fun , as we all made Pizzas and did other blind tasting exercises. The Pizza which has been introduced with the fusion of Kissan Twist, is really good. We Indians have always used ketchup on our pizzas and this pizza has ketchup already in it. It's a very tangy and sweet flavored experience and I personally loved the Non veg version (Ultimate) which has chicken keema with chicken and kofta with other toppings on it. The size and other ingredients are much more than the other pizzas of the same cadre. Very competitively priced at Rs.199/- onwards , this range is going to rock.

Staff (Store Operations) Pizza Hut , CP
The delicious ‘Ultimate Big Pizza, spiced by Kissan Twist’ is available in lip-smacking options. Vegetarian diners can choose from Ultimate paneer and Ultimate veggie, available with toppings like paneer, onion, sweet corn and jalapeno. Non-vegetarian patrons can go for the Ultimate pizza, available with toppings like chicken keema, chicken Kofta, capsicum, onion and red paprika. The delicious highlight of this pizza is its extra toppings with a zingy, spice sauce, made with Kissan Twist, which brings in the goodness of tomato ketchup infused with the spiciness of real chilies.
The new Kissan Twist range is available in two innovative and mouth-watering flavours – Chili Tomato and Sweet & Spicy. The Kissan Sweet & Spicy Twist marries spicy red chilies with juicy tomatoes to create the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavor while Kissan Chilli Tomato Twist is made with hot green chilies, to give that extreme burst of spice.........

Compiled and Coverage by : Vickrham (Vicky)
 TWCI- The Writers Collective of India 
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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Burger King launches RED BURGER in JAPAN - Next is what ???

Brace for Red buns with Red cheese and  "angry" Red hot sauce !!!

Is Burger King Japan turning to a child’s art book or the shades catalog (paints) for burger inspiration? Not only are the chain's all-black-everything Kuro burgers (that's black buns with black cheese) set to make a return this summer, the restaurant will sling all-red burgers starting July 3. Called Aka Samurai gets it’s aka (Japanese for "red'). The customers can pick between Aka Samurai Chicken and Aka Samurai Beef .It’s the meat patty between the red buns topped with red cheese and seasoned with a red hot sauce made from miso and hot pepper marked as “angry”.

Apparently, the company stayed away from Red No. 40 food coloring: To create bright red buns and cheese, Burger King Japan turned to tomato powder. 

Burger King is no stranger to offbeat looking sandwiches. Last year, it launched a black burger with a black bun. This year they are coming up with it again.This year's version will come with fried eggplant in addition to the black buns, cheese and sauce. 

The colored burgers are part of Burger King's quest to dominate Japan, as a number of fast-food chains – including Taco Bell and Carl's Jr. – have flocked to the land of sushi and sashimi. No surprise there, as analysts predict Asia is the next big market for fast-food chains, due to shifting consumer trends.

We , Indians are getting luckier by the day as most of the new launches come to us apparently at the same time they happen anywhere in the world. BTW, BARCELOS, India is coming up with its version of Red Burger this month end, as informed to you earlier. Will keep you all posted about its launch and thereafater………………

Compiled by : Vickrham (Vicky) - TWCI -The Writers Collective of India
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