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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fabelle Launches ‘Societe De Chocolat masterclass series’ with Billie McKay, Masterchef Australia Winner 2015

Fabelle, a one of a kind, home grown luxury chocolate brand is revolutionizing the understanding of luxury chocolates by championing participative and immersive experiences in the country. Fabelle master chocolatiers specially create these participative luxury experiences in the chocolate boutiques based in ITC’s super premium luxury hotels at the live chocolate studios in which consumers can interact with chocolatiers, observe live chocolate making and create chocolates creations as per their tastes and preferences. Taking these uniquely crafted experiences further, Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat is being launched which is a dedicated series of masterclass which aspires to foster love for chocolates and introduce the nuances of making and appreciating luxury chocolates to the Indian consumer.
Since its launch, Fabelle has witnessed a surge in consumer enthusiasm to understand the different aspects of chocolates. While interacting with consumers at the chocolate boutiques, Fabelle Master Chocolatiers have gained insights that the consumers were extremely intrigued by various origins of cocoa, different cocoa flavour notes, techniques involved in chocolate making like tempering and conching and were keen to understand how exquisite chocolate creations and desserts are crafted et al. They also recognised the sense of gratification that consumers felt when they were involved in the process of the chocolate making and participated in this journey. 

Banking upon this consumer enthusiasm & inquisitiveness, Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat masterclass series has been introduced at all chocolate boutiques. Societe De Chocolat is an exclusive chocolate making program which is designed to create better understanding of chocolates to consumers and provide rich insights into the art of chocolate making. From understanding the origins of cocoa to melting and tempering the chocolate, making chocolate to plating and serving the creations the program aims to address all the intricate facets of chocolate making. Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat has been in session for last six months and these classes have already been well received by the consumers including even children.
Fabelle now plans to conduct special masterclasses with well know international experts for the emerging chocolate connoisseurs in the country. In a first such initiative, Fabelle collaborated with Billie McKay, winner of Masterchef Australia 2015, as their first global mentor for Societe De Chocolat masterclasses.  She along with Fabelle master chocolatiers hosted a series of 4 masterclasses and brought to life some of Australia’s most iconic desserts using Fabelle chocolates like the quintessential Ice-Cream Sandwich with Master Chocolatier Ruby, in ITC Gardenia; The Lamington with Master Chocolatier Bhumika, in ITC Maratha; The inimitable Pavlova with Master Chocolatier Sreyoshi, in ITC Maurya and The Chocolate Ripple Cake with Master Chocolatier Deepthi, in ITC Chola.
The event also saw Fabelle Master Chocolatiers introducing the audience to various types of cocoas used in the recreations of desserts, demonstrated key steps in processing the chocolates and various techniques involved in making the exquisite desserts. Billie also shared some tips and tricks and explained how different chocolates could be used to make simple in home chocolate creations which was well appreciated by guests. This was followed by an interactive session between the audience and the celebrity chef, where Billie interacted with the guests and responded to their queries. With this initiative, Fabelle continues to establish itself as the true pioneer of luxury chocolates in India by further strengthening one of the brands core propositions, that of providing active and participative luxury. 

Speaking at the event, Mr. Dipak Haksar, Chief Executive, ITC Hotels & Welcome Hotels said, “The introduction of Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat masterclass series further underscores ITC Hotels’ endeavours in providing immersive experiences that are unique and can be cherished by those who indulge in it. This collaborative effort with Masterchef Australia Winner 2015, Billie McKay is part of our objective to transform the art of chocolate making into a multi sensorial affair.” 

According to Billie McKay, Celebrity Chef & Winner of Master Chef Australia, 2015 – “Creating distinctive experiences is in itself an innovation and a step towards being unique and Fabelle as a brand champions that. I have always thought that a memorable experience comes with the urge to create something for yourself, by yourself. With Fabelle, one really gets the opportunity to discover their passion for chocolates and that is why my association the brand is so very special. Luxury has always been an end product and seldom do we get an opportunity to experience the creation. This has now been transformed by Fabelle into an active and participatory experience.” 

According to Manish Bhasin, Executive Chef at ITC Maurya – “Chocolate has always been a passion of mine. The different textures and parings that come together to create a symphony of flavours is a unique experience, one that Fabelle proudly advocates. At Fabelle we are all about creating an immersive experience for our consumers. With Fabelle Societe De Chocolat masterclasses, the brand once again presents its consumers an opportunity to interact and learn the technique of fine chocolate making and appreciation. Fabelle Societe De Chocolat is a two way, interactive master-class, allowing the consumer to innovate and communicate ideas leading to an unparalleled experience”.
Fabelle Societe De Chocolat classes are conducted by their highly skilled Master Chocolatiers, in the setting of their luxury boutiques in select ITC hotels across the country and the classes have already been well received by consumers across markets. Extending the Societe De Chocolat initiative, Fabelle has now opened its doors to different sets of chocolate lovers like children, mothers and kids, corporates etc in which the learning content is tailormade as per requirements.

About ITC Foods

ITC is today the 3rd largest foods player in the country and one of the fastest growing foods businesses in India, driven by the market standing and consumer franchise of its world-class brands - Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, Yippee!, , B Natural, Kitchens of India Mint-o, Candyman and GumOn. The Business has also launched Fabelle luxury chocolates and Sunbean gourmet coffee. The Foods business is today represented in multiple categories in the market - Staples, Spices, Ready-to-Eat, Snack Foods, Bakery & Confectionery, Juices and Beverages and more recently, Dairy.
ITC's Foods brands delight millions of households with a wide range of differentiated, value-added products developed by leveraging ITC's in-house R&D capabilities, deep consumer understanding, knowledge of preferred Indian tastes, agri-sourcing and packaging strengths, and an unmatched distribution network.
ITC's uncompromising commitment to the health and safety of its consumers ensures adherence to the highest levels of quality, safety and hygiene standards in manufacturing processes and in the supply chain. All ITC-owned manufacturing units are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified. The quality performance of all manufacturing units is monitored continuously online. Going beyond process control, ITC ensures that quality standards are scrupulously adhered to while choosing ingredients that go into the preparation of its food products.
The business continues to invest in every aspect of manufacturing, distribution and marketing to ensure that it can leverage emerging opportunities and fulfil its aspiration of being the most trusted provider of branded packaged foods in the country. ITC's Foods business also exports its products to the key geographies of North America, Africa, Middle East and Australia.
About ITC Hotels

With the enduring Namaste as the symbol of its brand experience, ITC Hotels is one of India’s largest luxury hotel chains, operating under four distinct brands that offer comprehensive hospitality solutions through more than 100 hotels in over 70 destinations in the country.

Integrating India’s fine tradition of hospitality with globally benchmarked services, each ITC Hotel in the collection of hotels is an archetype of the culture and ethos of each destination. With ‘Responsible Luxury’ as its guiding premise, ITC’s hotels combine grandeur with intimacy to operate according to the highest principles of environmental stewardship. Each ITC luxury hotel is certified with a *LEED® Platinum rating for its endeavours towards green building, using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. The brand features opulent accommodations, state-of-the-art business facilities, renowned signature cuisine and award-winning wellness experiences.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Subway Is Giving Sandwiches At 50% Off This Friday - World Sandwich Day

To celebrate World Sandwich Day, Subway is having a "Buy one get 2 i.e. you pay half but enjoy double "offer on all its products all day long.

Subway India is celebrating World’s Sandwich Day on 3rd November and therefore it is offering Buy 2 Pay Half Offer. Double your dose with any 2 items and get flat 50% off. This offer is only valid on 3rd November 2017 at all Subway Outlets across India. This offer is applicable on the sandwich, salads, wraps, drinks, and add-ons.

How To Get Buy 2 Pay Half Offer At Subway:

Visit any of your nearest Subway Outlet on 3rd November 2017.
Make your order for 2 products of the same worth or lesser.
Choose your food item from the categories i.e Salad, Sandwich, Wrap, Drinks or beverages, and Add-ons.
Now, pay only half on your order worth.
No coupon code required to get this offer, only you have to order alike products.
This offer is only valid on this Friday on the occasion of World Sandwich Day.


One of the worries that we sometimes have with ordering food online from restaurants they've never heard of is whether the food is coming from some dingy hole in the wall with no concept of hygiene. It turns out that this is a common problem - Zomato revealed in a recent blog post that a survey of its users showed that 86 percent would prefer to dine at and order from restaurants that have transparent food hygiene standards. And 93 percent said that given a choice, they would prefer a place that is clean and hygienic, over a place which serves great tasting food.

It's not just Zomato saying this either - Foodpanda got the same feedback from 65 percent of its users as well, and as a result introduced the Food Doctor Program in 2016, through which it would rate the hygiene and quality standards of the restaurants on the platform, through irregular audits and cold calls.

Now, Zomato is following suit, and it's launched a new feature called Food Hygiene Ratings for restaurants on the platform. To begin with, this feature is being launched in the UAE and Australia, and the company sees the coming months as a learning phase, within which it should be able to provide ratings for 1,000 restaurants in UAE, and 3,000 in Australia. It's also started thinking along these lines in India, though there's no timeline right now for when the feature would be enabled here.

hygeine rating example Zomato

Interestingly though, Zomato itself won't be carrying out these hygiene audits. "We do not believe that we are experts in food hygiene, therefore, we will work with accredited third party auditors," writes Zomato CEO and founder Deepinder Goyal. "[These auditors] are experts in their field and will conduct surprise physical food hygiene audits at participating restaurants."

The food hygiene checklist will include whether the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are properly separated, the cleanliness level of the restaurants, and the food prep environment. Screens have to be in place to keep out insects, floors have to be free from accumulation of "food waste, dirt, grease, and other visible obnoxious matters," while the store rooms have to be cleaned at least every two weeks, and the walls must be clean too, and there's a lot more to it.

The ratings will be on a scale of 1 to 5 (higher being better), and the hygiene rating for a restaurant on Zomato will be shown under its name, above the Order Now and Book Table buttons on the app. Tapping it will show a detailed breakdown of different elements, such as the premises, personal hygiene of the staff, pest control, and food handling.

"As the Food Hygiene Ratings initiative gains traction over the next few months, you will see more and more restaurants with these rating on the Zomato platform," writes Goyal. "And if your favourite restaurant doesn’t have a food hygiene rating on Zomato in a few months, it should give you something to think about."

Monday, 23 October 2017

Halloween cocktail recipes from The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

Cocktails Recipes

Sangria (Red cocktail)


Red wine                                          120 ml

Cognac                                              15ml

Triple Sec                                          15 ml

Seasonal fruits                            as required

Witch’s Spell (Blue cocktail)

Vodka                                                45 ml

Blue Curacao.                                   15 ml

Lemon juice                                        5 ml

Orange juice                                        5 ml

Orange Spiral                                for garnish

Saturday, 21 October 2017

1st INDIAN TO COVER ALL DISTILLERIES IN JAPAN IN JUST 10 DAYS - Whisky Tour of Japan by Vineet Mishra

This article is about a true sleuth when it comes to Whisky & Scotch - Vineet Mishra. After being the first Indian to cover all scotch distilleries of Scotland, Vineet's crusade of tasting the divine elixirs of the world, led him to Japan to be first Indian to visit all Japanese Distilleries.

Japan is a country filled with contrasts between modern society and ancient tradition. From bustling Tokyo and zen-like Kyoto all the way to wintery Hokkaido and laid-back Okinawa, Japan is a high-tech world mixed with the politeness and respect of their past. And as per Vineet, quite the same can be said about its whisky culture.

"There are many people who still aren’t familiar that the Japanese produce their own blended and single malt whiskies. Infact, Japan is the world’s third biggest producer of whisky behind the Scotland and USA – yes, they beat the Irish." says Vineet.

Although Scotland has near about 100 distilleries, Japan has less than 10. And the fact that so few distilleries are operating and the people that operate them have such a passion and ability to control the quality means we can trust what is being produced 100%. Mix this with the traditions they have adopted from Scotland along with high quality raw ingredients imported from the homeland of Scotch, and you have a welcomed guest to the worldwide whiskey party, and Japanese whisky provides some much-needed excitement in the world of spirits.

After reaching Tokyo, Vineet headed to Miyagikyo the next morning. Originally named Sendei, Miyagikyo was built in its location near Sendai City in northern Japan because of the combination of its clean air, mild humidity and water access. The distillery is surrounded by two rivers and is the main reason that Taketsuru Masataka, the founder of Nikka, travelled to this location when looking for another ideal site to build a distillery and decided that the pure waters and mild humidity would be more than a perfect to complement to the already well established and regarded Yoichi. The picturesque setting lends Miyagikyo a soft, mild malt. Used in Nikka blended whisky, with recent single malt releases is starting to gain recognition.

Next was Yoichi, another big distillery owned by Nikka. Japan's most northerly distillery and the only one located on the island of Hokkaido - the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands, and the last to be developed. Yoichi distilled whisky gets its distinct aroma and body from direct heating distillation, in which the pot stills are heated with finely powdered peat--the traditional method that is hardly ever used today. Their latest release no longer carries an age statement but it does bring the traditional Japanese profile to mind with its rich, peaty and masculine malt.

By now Vineet was pleasantly overwhelmed by the Japanese whisky culture and he couldnt wait to get to the next distillery on his list - Akkeshi. Akkeshi Distillery is located in an area where the climate and terrain remind us of Islay in Scotland. The nearby sea helps give the whisky a more maritime flavor that is strong and smoky to the palate; the fog and mist that roll off the sea water also enhance the flavor of the casks. The environment could not be more suitable for whisky production.

Chichibu distillery was next. This one is not open for public but Vineet had arranged a visit with Yumi, Chichibu brand ambassador who herself guided the whole tour for Vineet. Chichibu is recently launched, with only 10 employees. It is a small distillery. Same room had mash tun, distillation, fermentation and blending. All fermenting vats including blending vats are made from mizunara tree. The nosing gave a fruity hint with a more spicy hint on the palate.

The next distillery on Vineet's exploits was Hakushu, situated in the foothills of Mount Kaikomagatake and thus also being known as the 'forest distillery'. Considering it's 120kms from Chichibu, the bullet train got Vineet to his destination in less than an hour. Also owned by Suntory, Hakushu is the highest and remotest distillery in Japan with a unique climate that is perfect for maturing whisky. Hakushu whiskies carry a smoky, herbaceous characteristic. Both lightly-peated and heavily-peated malts are used for this complex and deeply enjoyable whisky. The Hakushu distillery was once the largest whisky distillery in the world, with an annual production capacity of 12 million litres. The distillery premises is so big that it houses a bird sanctuary as well.

"It would be wrong to visit Japan and not mention Mt Fuji. And Fuji Gotemba distillery provided the same" says Vineet. The view of Mt Fuji in the  distance adds to the iconic location of the distillery. The distillery was opened in 1973 by the Kirin conglomerate with an international partnership with Seagram’s, Chivas Brothers and Four Roses. A huge 1.7 million square feet facility, it includes a bottling plant as well as the distillery. Fuji Gotemba's water is originally rain and melted snow from the top of Mount Fuji. Fuji boasts of the area’s mineral-rich soil and underground water vein, which yields spring water that’s perfect for making whisky. Fuji Gotemba single malt whisky is marketed under two names- Fuji Gotemba and Fujisanroku. Again the tasting gave hint to more spicy notes with favoring more towards caramel, vanilla like essence upon nosing.

Next up was Yamazaki, Japan's first whisky distillery opened established by Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii in 1923. It only took Vineet 15 minutes to get here on train ride from Kyoto. It has the most popular visitor centre, a world famous bar and the stunning whisky library — with more than 7,000 cataloged bottles elegantly displayed, it's a mesmerizing sight for a whisky aficionado. Last year, the World Whiskies Awards named Yamazaki 25 Year Old the World’s Best Single Malt Whisky.

With only a couple more distilleries left to visit, Eigashima was next. Established more than 100 years ago, the Eigashima distillery mostly focuses on producing sake and shochu. Tours are only available for the sake production area. But that didn't stop Vineet to an get indepth whisky making process of the distillery. Proper whisky production did not begin until the company moved in to their new facilities in 1980s. This new facility was named the ‘White Oak’ distillery and has separate still rooms for sake, shochu and whisky. In 1984, however, it began making proper whisky known as White Oak. In the following years, the distillery made only blended whisky until 2007 when it started production on single malts as well.

Mars shinshu distillery used to produce whisky only during winter, it closed in 1992 only to be opened again following a surge in whisky demand. Vineet booked a private tour for a more indepth guide and covering the entire distillery including the warehouse and stillhouse visit took 30 minutes. The pot stills were moved in from the Yamanashi Plant and were designed based upon the records left by Masataka Taketsuru. The high quality water passing through granite rock is high in natural minerals, and is a large factor that the whisky has a full and balanced flavor. At the distillery shop, complimentary sampling of whisky, beer and wine is available. Talk about adding to the experience.

The tour had almost come to an end and there was one more distillery left for Vineet to visit - Okayama. It was originally located in Tamano City, the owners of Miyashita Sake Brewery moved to Okayama over 80 years ago. An impressive brewery which has spared no expense in up-dating its facilities to help it move into different types of products and now it produces a wide range of sake,  shochu, and in 2011 the Okayama distillery ventured into the whisky business. The distillery decided to launch the production of whisky to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brewery. Okayama Single Malt whisky, made from malted barley, of which half comes from Japan and half from Germany, and aged for three years in brandy barrels, this was released to celebrate the 100th anniversary. Like most Japanese whisky there is floral and spicy favoring to it with a traditional Japanese profile.

The tour had ended. It was time to come back home - India. Reflecting back upon his entire journey, Vineet thinks it was nothing short of a miracle to visit such scenic places and enjoy their native drinks in a span of only 2 weeks. "I have to come again. There is so much more to learn. Whether you're a whisky fan or not, definitely visit Japan, its a true experience of discipline, craftmanship, and a perfect yin yan mix of technology and the traditions" exclaims Vineet.   

Coverage By : Vineet Mishra
Compiled By : Foodmaniacs
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Monday, 9 October 2017

Aab-o-Namak Munaasib Hai - Royal Cuisine of Mahmudabad at The Leela Ambience COnvention Hotel, Delhi

Continuing the culinary tradition and journey at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ will be the signature gourmet food festival which will look forward to this.

The first pit stop on the ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ journey is Mahmudabad, situated in the heart of the holy city of Sitapur. To bring this royalty and finesse to the heart of the capital, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel sent their talented Chef de Cuisine Ashwani Kumar Singh to the land of royals, Mahmudabad. Chef has always been a keen researcher in whatever he does. We have already experienced his deep knowledge in the previous years. His sheer passion for taking food so seriously is really something I miss these days in others. Chef, himself is cooking and finishing all the dishes in this festival as he doesn’t want to take any chances.

The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi a landmark destination for both business and leisure travellers in the city, is celebrating the gloriously grand and royal cuisine of Mahmudabad as its inaugural city. The food festival is a part of the signature ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ series at the hotel. This series of culinary festivals has been especially created to celebrate and revive the love for the fabulously diverse range of dishes served in the royal households across India. 

The journey to the Quila of Mahmudabad served as the perfect beginning to the festival. The melodious live performance by in-house Ghazal musicians at the hotel just creates an ambience that is similar to the one in the Mahmudabad palace and facilitates an authentic experience for the guests.

To experience the grandeur and indulge in the flavoursome Mahmudabad specialties such as Murgh Mussallam, Gosht Makhana Kurma, Matter Latpata, Paneer Hazrat Mahal, Laab- i- Mashooq and much more you need to visit Dilli 32 the specialty restaurant at the hotel.
I bet you won’t regret at all.

Dilli 32, The Leela Ambiance Convention Hotel
1, CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Marg,
Near Yamuna Sports Complex
110032 Delhi, India
Dinner only INR 1677 Plus taxes

Friday, 6 October 2017

PVR & L’Opéra Join Hands to Take Cinema and Hospitality to New Heights in Delhi;Introduce L’Opéra – Salon de Thé by PVR

PVR Cinemas, a pioneer in the movie and entertainment space in India along
with L’Opéra, Delhi-NCR’s finest, award-winning pâtisserie have come together to launch L’Opéra – Salon de Thé by PVR, a new delightful experience at PVR Director’s Cut, located at the 3rd Floor of Ambience Mall, in Vasant Kunj.

Always a trend-setter, PVR, over the years, has placed a distinct emphasis on curating an exceptional food and beverage offering, understanding cinema goers’ ever evolving expectations for a wholesome experience encompassing both entertainment and hospitality. The opening of L’Opéra – Salon de Thé by PVR continues this legacy.

 It also marks the opening of L’Opéra’s 14th outlet in Delhi NCR. Renowned for its unparalleled quality bakery and pastry products, L’Opéra prides itself in sharing its French culinary roots with an evergrowing number of discerning patrons throughout the Delhi-NCR area.

The much-awaited launch event witnessed the esteemed presence of H.E. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India, together with over 200 select guests, including leaders of the diplomatic, business and artistic communities, as well as prominent members of the press. 

PVR Director’s Cut has changed Delhi’s moviegoers’ experience by constantly elevating it to unmatched new heights. It has brought in many innovations in the recent past, from ‘Simply Sushi’ which has redefined the food experience while watching your favorite movie, to The Den - a members-only wine and jazz lounge, where one can unwind before or after a film, to “Popcorn Bar” which offers an unparalleled proprietary selection of sweet & savory gourmet popcorn and now, L’Opéra – Salon de Thé by PVR.

L’Opéra - Salon de Thé by PVR, embodies Parisian refinement and luxury at its finest. It accommodates up to 20 guests, allowing them to enjoy the very best of French dessert culture at PVR’s luxury flagship. It is all set to become the quintessential destination.
So, be it for lunch or high tea as well as light French meals throughout the day and evening, it lends for a truly immersive experience not only for movie-goers and the mall, but the entire tri-mall area.

With fittings and furniture brought in from overseas, including antique furniture markets in France, painstaking rigor in the detailing of the setup and an exclusive setting recreating the most refined café atmosphere in Paris, guests can now enjoy the finest of both worlds.
Adjacent to Director’s Cut, this handshake in the world of luxury presents the city with a one-of-a-kind offering, underlined by an exclusive L’Opéra dessert menu exuding sophistication and class, to the wellestablished savoir-faire and chicness that both PVR and L’Opéra are known for.

“Guests at PVR Director’s Cut can expect a world class and exclusive experience not only in cinema viewing, but also in the food and beverage. L’Opéra’s exclusive selection is in line with our endeavor to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to our patrons.” said Renaud Pallière, CEO – International Development at PVR.

“Guests at the L’Opéra Salon de Thé by PVR will truly be transported to Paris – they will taste Paris, they will see Paris and they will hear Paris – an exquisite experience, not to be missed!” said Laurent Samandari, Managing Director at L’Opéra. 

The guests at the launch event were seen thoroughly enjoying the night of Parisian delicacies filled with live jazz music followed by a screening of the movie ‘The Hundred Foot-Journey’ at PVR Director’s Cut. 

Noteworthy fact points: 

• Architecture & design: L’Opéra Salon de Thé by PVR draws its inspiration from some of the
most iconic classical Salon de Thés in Paris.
• Details of the furniture and fixture: classical Parisian café furniture has been sourced from one of the oldest furniture design houses in France, and lighting fixtures from antique stores from the
famed Paris fleamarket.